SNF Partnership Program

We Partner with You On All Your Post-Acute Discharges

As a Skilled Nursing Facility, you will invest much time and effort into gaining new Medicare admissions directly from the hospitals. However, did you know that you can accept Medicare patients who were previously discharged from an SNF to home within a 30-day window if they still qualify for therapy?

Let Us Help You Build Census

When you partner with us to discharge patients home utilizing our home care services, we will empower you with the vital intel necessary to re-admit these patients from home, should they require your services again. We do this by sending you a weekly progress report on the patient so that you will know how they are meeting the goals set forth. If they are eligible for a return to your facility, we will work with you to ensure seamless readmission.

We Help You Avoid Costly

What happens when you lose track of a discharge? Many of those patients become a costly re-admission to the hospital and will therefore be considered a "re-hospitalization.” As you are undoubtedly aware, Re-hospitalizations will negatively impact your preferred standing with your feeder hospitals and your reimbursements.

By partnering with us, we will help ensure that a re-admission to your facility won’t just help you boost your census, it will also help you avoid a costly re-hospitalization.